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How to cover/decorate a chair like this with tulle? (photo)


we are having around 250 guests at our wedding, and the chairs at the reception venue look like the attached photo, except that they are a tannish/brown color. 

Has anyone ever decorated chairs using tulle? Maybe just tie it/loop it somehow around the top part of the chair?

Because we have so many guests, we do not want to spend another (at least) $400 to $500 just to cover the chairs. But I can get tulle for super cheap and I don't mind the labor. 

Any ideas would be appreciated. Chair covers are out of the question (unless somehow we can get 250 of them for around $100, which would be the cost of enough tulle to cover the tops of the chair backs).

Thank you!  

Re: How to cover/decorate a chair like this with tulle? (photo)

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    You could do something like so...


    But truthfully I would save your money.  No one will notice your chairs and most likely all the nice work you put into tying some tulle in a bow around the back of them will be worthless because half the chairs will most likely be covered with the suit jackets of your mail attendees and after sitting in the chairs the bows will either shift around or fall down the chair or pop off the top.

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    I had chairs that I was not a fan of so I just tied a ribbon around the chair.  You could do this around the chair maybe. My pics are here
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    Those chairs aren't that bad.  If I were you, I'd leave them as is.  Anything you try to do to disguise them will only draw attention to them.

    And I guarantee you that after you have made about 100 chair covers -- or more likely 20 -- ou're never going to want to see a length of tulle again.  And don't forget about installing them.  If you have 250 chairs, and it takes one minute to decorate each chair (and that would be super quick), it's going to take you at least FOUR HOURS to put the covers on the chairs.  You've got better things to do with your time on your wedding day.

    Take the $100 you are planning to spend on the tulle and either take yourself for a massage, or use it to upgrade the food and beverages for the reception. 

    ETA:  If you concentrate on making your table decor really pop, those chairs will fade into the background.
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    Another vote for leaving them as is.  You are going to bring attention to them, and if you have nice table linens and a centerpiece, no one is going to care or notice the chairs once their butts are in them.
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