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Train themed wedding??

My fiance is really into trains. We are totally planning the wedding together but he keeps telling me "whatever you want." I know he would love to have some aspect of him included in the wedding so I am looking for ideas on how to possible incorporate trains/railroads into the reception.
Any suggestions? I don't want it to turn into a little kid birthday party type thing...

Re: Train themed wedding??

  • my fiance and i along with our wedding party are taking pictures between the ceremony and reception at a local park that has a train ride.  we plan on getting everybody on the train and taking some fun pictures. 
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  • Maybe some really nice model trains on the reception tables? Or a wedding topper, like this bit with the bride and groom stanfing in the center without the tree?
  • maybe play locomotion at the reception?
  • We thought about using a model train as part of the cake top. Thanks for the thoughts :)
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    [QUOTE]I like the cake topper idea.  What about using toy trains for centerpieces?
    Posted by edielaura[/QUOTE]

    On a wedding show my FSIL likes to watch there was this one couple, the groom really liked jets and planes, so they bought a bunch for the reception tables.. I can't remember exactly what they did with them tho :s. It was rich bride poor bride or rich groom poor groom... I wasn't paying full attention.
    What I think would be cute is if you used those squat candle holders/vases and had trains etched into the glass and then put those fish egg looking things, they are for putting in plants to water them over time aparently, they come in differnt colors, in the vases with a battery tealight in the middle of them. It looks like they are glowing and you would be able to see the etchings.
    If any of that made sense, I've only had one coffee so far this morning lol
  • Maybe you could do a train-shaped cake as a grooms cake?   If you weren't planning on a grooms cake then I like the cake-topper idea.
  • If you haven't already done them, it might be easier to start incorporate the train-theme into the invitiations, and then carry it out with the table seating and centerpieces.  In order to limit it from looking too kid-partyish, you could go with more of an old-fashioned and vintage look with everything.  

    Boarding pass-type of invitations with cute wording for RSVP cards:
    Vintage Train Inspired Letterpress Invitations

     Or another one I found on Etsy:

    Custom Train Ticket Wedding Invitation
    Vintage train tickets for table assignments:

    Here's another cute table assignment train ticket with a train whistle as attached, and you could put a note on there about people blowing the whistle when you're announced at the reception and/or to have you kiss instead of the clinking of the glasses.

    You could have each table as a different train station or different platform numbers.

    Another idea too if you haven't (and are going to) taken engagement photos yet, it would be cute to find an area with some train tracks for the background. Or if there is an area like that close enough to the wedding location, you could take some photos there the day-of. 

    Also, this might be a little too away from the actual train idea, but we were at a wedding at an old depot, and the couple used an old-fashioned suitcase as the card box, which was a cute touch. 

  • my home town has a "scenic railroad" route that runs an hour ride through the mountains on an old, rustic train. we're planning on having our intimate ceremony on the train itself and having the reception at the vintage train station when the route has finished!
  • I love the ideas saric came up with.  Very classy and not at all "Thomas the Tank Engine."

    I'd suggest wearing a dress with a lonnnnggggg train. =) 
  • So cute!  I love the train whistle idea!  
    If he has miniature trains (HO scale, etc) that he collects, you could go to a hobby train store and see about getting him a train car that you can decorate with your names and wedding date, as a groom's gift.  It can join his current train set and he'll never forget your anniversary!  
    Crazy guest book idea: Get a larger scale train car (like G-scale) and ask guests to sign their names on the car, and/or get a boxcar style that you can open up and ask guests to slip well-wishes inside that you can open later.  

  • could you tell me where you got the vintage look tickets?
  • Our wedding is train themed. We did mostly Boston & Maine because my fiance loves trains and collects HO scale models. We named our tables after different B&M names, along with train stops in our transit area that are important to us. We did our engagement shoot at those stations. Also our colors are B&M colors. I'm stumped too half the time, but sometimes you have to be creative. Good luck!!
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