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Reception Flip Flops for guests, Old Navy $1

hey guys,

I remember a while ago someone posting about wanting to offer flip flops for guests to dance the night away in if their feet hurt from heels but not wanting to spend a fortune on them.

Old Navy (at least here in Canada) are having a sale on saturday  selling them for $1 a pair....but I think they limit you to buying 5 at a time so bring a friend(s) if you want to offer more than that to your guests.
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Re: Reception Flip Flops for guests, Old Navy $1

  • They're having that here too (I'm in WA).
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  • I don't see why anyone feels the need to provide alternate footwear for people who failed to make a good choice. Plenty of people manage to choose proper footwear for a wedding, and I don't understand coddling those who don't.
  • They're doing it here as well. I've recruited about 7 people to go with me. We're providing them as an alternative since we're having the wedding on the beach. I've been waiting since last year for this lol
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