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Fall themed wedding indoors? Need some help with the decor...

I just got engaged recently and have spent a LOT of time since then pouring over wedding venue sites in or around Rochester, NY. I found a place I really like, but after some discussion and a deeper look at the budget, we decided to switch from a Spring wedding to a Fall(Autumn) wedding and I'm not sure how to decorate the venue I found previously to fit my new vision. Any ideas?

Also, I live in VA but most of my FI and my family are in northern PA and Upstate NY. We are working with a smaller budget (around 10k TOTAL) and don't want to have to drive a uhual full of diy projects up from VA, though I am open to some DIY projects. Any and all ideas, suggestions are welcome. Thanks!

Re: Fall themed wedding indoors? Need some help with the decor...

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    This is someone I know who had a fall wedding in September. I know the bride did a lot of DIY, just not sure how much of it. But I thought everything looked lovely.

    You may not need a uhaul, but a nice sized back seat would be good. Or, you can rent those car top carriers and attach one and put non-breakables in there. Or, have things you want to assemble (ie vases & flowers, real or silk) shipped from the retailer to an address where you can put the stuff together ahead of time before the wedding.
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    i found a super cute idea on pinterest that i plan on using which is just getting string of white xmas lights (after xmas you can find them SUPER cheap) and buying tulle in your colors and draping them around the venue. 
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    One of our friends had a great fall themed wedding last year utilizing pipe and drape that they found super cheap online.  They used browns and oranges to make the room pop, and it was perfect to hide some of their venue's decorations that they weren't too fond of!  The company that they found online is called Silver Star Displays.  Their link is below if you want to take a look and see if it will work for you!

    Pipe & Drape
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