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November-Thanksgiving Menu

What are everyones opinions on having a "Thanksgiving Feast" with traditional Thanksgiving foods for a November wedding instead of the normal formal menus

Re: November-Thanksgiving Menu

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    If that's what kind of food you like, then go for it! You could always mix it up and have turkey prepared a couple different ways roasted,fried,cajun and different types of stuffing/dressing cornbread,sage and maybe a mashed potato bar. Still with the thanksgiving theme, but a little bit different! There are tons of fun possibilities with that idea!
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    I think it sounds like a great idea, but then I looooooove Thanksgiving.  :)

    Plus think of all the pretty fall-themed decorations you could do.
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    I think it's an awesome idea. I love turkey and dressing, I would be so pumped if I was at your reception!
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    That's exactly what my Mom did for her November wedding, back in 1977! 

    She still raves about what a hit it was. A complete Thanksgiving feast and a chocolate wedding cake (which was considered "wild" back then, Lol!)

    It's a great idea! Who doesn't love a Thanksgiving spread? I also think the different ideas that Mommy2my3 had are fantastic! 

    Kinda wish I was having a fall wedding, as it's my favorite season! Lol ;)

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    yes and no. i love turkey just as much as the next person but does the venue have the capaicty to roast so many turkeys and keep them at safe temp, carve them all? you know ecoli and all of that. there should also be a veg option though.


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    I think it sounds delicious... it's exacty what I wanted to do when I thought we were having a fall wedding.
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    Sounds wonderful!  If it's a venue that does weddings frequently and/or a caterer who has the proper credentials, I don't think there would be a problem with proper preparation/holding any more than there would be with any other menu.  I mean, consider how many weddings have carving stations or a buffet with roast chicken/beef and sides?  This is no different other.

    Have a vegetarian option or a bunch of sides that are vegetarian-friendly (no animal broth or fat in the preparation) and you're great.  I would be very happy at your reception!!!
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    I think that's an awesome idea. I love Thanksgiving meals (who doesn't?!)
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