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Reception Ideas

Music for early afternoon reception?

Our reception will be pretty casual and in the early afternoon on a Sunday, and I'm not sure what sort of music to play or if we should provide any for dancing to begin with. To me it seems kind of weird to be having a lot of dancing at 1 or 2 PM (especially with more "club"-like music for younger guests), but of course I want our guests to be entertained. We're having our wedding at a botanical garden so there's lots of places to kind of wander around and check everything out, but I don't want to force everyone to get up and spread out just to find something to do. Should we have a dance floor and music set up (we're not hiring a DJ, just using an iPod) just so people can dance if they want to? Or does anyone have any ideas of what else we could have at the reception that's budget friendly but would still entertain everyone?

Re: Music for early afternoon reception?

  • SM is right on. 

    I'm also having an afternoon reception that's starting at around 3. Ours is a little more contained than yours, OP (it's on the grounds and inside an historic home), but we're thinking along the same lines of music. We're thinking of hiring either one man with an acoustic guitar or a trio to play a little bit of this and that. Probably mainly older rock and roll (We love the British Invasion), some bluegrass, and some Cole Porter-esque stuff; it'll probably be instrumental.  If that's not in the budget we'll probably go with an iPod. If people decide to dance, that's great, but we're not hiring a floor or a DJ either. 
  • Our early afternoon, Sunday ceremony was outdoors, with the reception inside at a ski resort.  We had a dance floor and a DJ.

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