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Candy/Dessert Bar Instead of Dinner?

Due to the fact that my fiance and I are on a super tight budget for our wedding, we were considering cutting catering costs all together. To substitute for catering we were thinking about having a candy and dessert bar. Is this a good idea or does it seem  too cheap?

For a little background info: We are getting married mid-February during the late afternoon.

Re: Candy/Dessert Bar Instead of Dinner?

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    Yes it is too cheap. Don't invite people if you can't afford to properly feed them. And late afternoon is dinner time.
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    Two things--
    1.  You can serve a dessert-only reception during non-meal times only.  Remember that your dinner time may be different from what is normal.  What time is your reception starting?

    2.  If you are serving liquor, even just champange, you should consider serving something more substantial to serve.
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    If the ceremony is late afternoon, the reception is going to be at dinner time.  People will not stick around your wedding if they're hungry.  If you want to do this, it would be best to push the ceremony to 7:30pm or 8:00pm.

    And if you go that route, you need protein.  I went to a cake and punch reception recently that just had the cake and two very sweet types of punch.  Nothing else, not even water.  I felt ill by the time we left, and nearly ran DH over to get to some cheese and crackers once we got to his mom's place. 
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    Sorry.  The timing of it makes it a less than ideal choice.  If you have your wedding at 1:00 pm, and then have a dessert reception from 1:30-4:00 pm, then I'm giving a qualified okay to your plan.

    And the qualifier is that you need to have more than just desserts.  You'll want to add fruit platters and cheese and crackers, and other heartier or savory options as well.  And that is particularly true if you're serving alcohol at the reception.

    Because alcohol+nothing but sweets=sick guests.

    But if you're having a late afternoon ceremony followed by a reception, then your party is smack in the middle of dinner hour.  And a meal of some kind must be served or you'll have very unhappy guests who will leave your reception early.
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    I don't see how this eliminates catering costs.  You still need to pay for the candy and desserts.  Too much sugar and I get a headache so I would end up feeling crappy at your wedding and looking for some other food or at least a ton of water.  Late afternoon wedding says dinner reception to me too.   If money is an issue at least put some cheese, crackers, veggies, and fruit out there too. And word your invites so people know they aren't going to be fed.
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    I agree with pp's on the timing issue.  Also, what about adding a sandwich bar then?  Some bread and buns, cold cuts and cheeses.  The idea of just a cake and candy bar sounds a bit oversweet.
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    I'm also have a budget. But to make it fun for the family and friends we are having a BBQ and asking some close family to bring the sides. our Menu will consist of BBQ chicken, Hambuger and hot dogs. We thinking of the ribs instead of the hotdogs. The hamobugers are a good idea for us because we have lots of kids coming. The reception will only be for about 30 people. Try to add some appetizers like meat and chesses, and fruits. even some small sandwiches. These way they will stick around. Another thing you can do is let the guest know there will be no dinner. these way they will eat before they get there. 
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    Also, as someone with glucose intolerance, I always feel left out when there are only sweets, sweet punch, and alcohol.  I can't have any of that.  Have something non-sweet for your guests that might have issues with sugar.
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    it's weird that everyone always says wait until 7 to not serve a meal. any evening wedding ive been to started the dinner at 76 or later....unless the rest of the country just eats much earler than we do here....


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