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Signing Stones

Has anyone ever used this in place of the guest book?

If so, was it a hit or miss?
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Re: Signing Stones

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    I've seen this, and thought it was cute. However, your going to limit what people can write to basically their name. Some might think it's not what there supposed to do, and just not do anything..  So if you do it make sure you put something on the table that tells the guests what to do! GL! 
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  • I thought about the signing stones. I heard of it and my mom did it for her 2nd wedding. The stones are now in her small garden pond/water fall in her back yard. She had them specially sealed so the names do not rub off by the water. I have no idea how she did it and she wont even tell me. Everyone loved the idea. They wrote their names (1 name each stone) and put them in a basket. She even had bigger rocks for kids to color with markers. She calls the waterfalls/pond her Love Pond. Maybe one of these days I can sneak a picture of it while she isnt looking, she makes sure I cant get a picture but one of these days Im gonna get LUCKY!
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