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First Dance Help?

Me any my fiance want to have a creative first dance. We want to start dancing to a slow song (that we have not picked yet) and break in the middle and do something fun and choreographed. For a sample, on youtube there is a first dance with I like big butts which is similar to what we want. Besides Michael Jackson, what is a good song we could break into and dance and have fun with?

Thanks for your help.

Re: First Dance Help?

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    This is a little hodgepodge, but.....
    I gotta Feeling, by the black eyed peas.
    Something by Justin Timberlake or Lady Gaga. "Bad Romance" if you're feeling brave and have guests with a sense of humor.
    I've seen people recommend 'Misirlou' by D*ck Dale & His Del-Tones. Might not be your style.
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    If you like swing dancing at all, there are some pretty cool Brian Setzer Orchestra songs ("Jump, Jive, N Wail") that would be fun & unexpected. Elderly guests especially will probably get a kick out of the music!
    My favorite Setzer song, though maybe not quite as upbeat, would be PERFECT for a pre-planned wedding dance- it's a duet between Setzer and Gwen Stefani called "You're the Boss". It begs for choreography... a bit suggestive, but not racy, and the end of the song is comical.
    I'm actually considering doing a little choreographed number at my own wedding with this one :)

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    ...Or there's always the Chris Brown, "Forever" song (Double your pleasure, double your fun....) This was the song that was used on that YouTube smash where a BP danced down the aisle last year.
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    We're having a traditional first dance song and as that song is finishing we are dancing to a swing dance song.  We took dance lessons together a month ago and learned how to swing dance. That way we still have the traditional dance but can have some fun w/ it too.  It's going to a surprise for everyone! :)   have fun with your dance!

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