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Empty Seats

I'm doing my seating plan, and luckily all the tables work out as far as people sitting with people they know.  But my fiance's family's table has four empty seats (he's from across the country so most of his family couldn't make it).  There's no one left to put with them.  I don't want to get a smaller table because that would like weird amongst the normal size tables.  

Is it really unusual to have four empty seats at a table?

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    That seems like a lot of empty seats at one table.  How many people would be at the table?  Could you go to the venue and ask to see the table with just the amount of chairs you would use to see how it looks?  If it looks like there's too much empty space at the table then you should just get a smaller table.
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    How does FI feel about it? Does he think they'd be okay with it? Do you have 8 people at the other tables?
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    if there's no way to balance out that table then i'd request a smaller table. it may look awkward but it would look less awkward then having 4 empty seats there or only 4 people at a huge table.
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    have the venue remove the seats and spread everyone else out.


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    I agree remove the seats from the table, maybe do a slightly larger centerpiece or somethign to compensate for the extra room.
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    How big are the tables?  If they are 60" technically they seat 8-10.  Maybe rearrange to do 9 at some tables?

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    No I think it isn't weird.

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