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I am having my reception in a beautiful large hall that almost looks like a theater inside. Because of this there is a stage right behind where the head table would be - we are not allowed to be on the stage. I do not want our dj on the stage either as it is quite large and he would only take up a bit of it. Do you have any ides about what we could do to make the stage seem less huge in the background??


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    What a pretty hall!  I would say to leave it as is.  It doesn't actually look that strange in the photos.  Another idea is that if you had a slideshow of you & FI (eg, childhood photos), you could set the projector up on the stage, and then use it to project your monogram or something for the rest of the night.  But I generally err toward 'less is more' and in this case, you would be fine NOT filling the space.
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    You could line the edge of the stage with some sort of trees or branches in vases or something.  Just to be directly behind the head table as a backdrop.  That might be especially pretty if the branches had christmas lights or something in them.
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