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2 hour reception

Is anyone else having a short reception? Our Church says 2 hours is enough, and we're having a mid-afternoon wedding, so I'm kind of okay with it being shorter, (we'll be having an after party for dancing and drinks later in the night).

What does your reception timeline look like? We're still wanting to keep a lot of the traditions, just without the sit-down/buffet meal and no dancing/alcohol for the guests.

We want: Grand Entrance of Bride and Groom (no receiving line or bridal party introductions), Cake Cutting and Tasting of the Elements (it would make the ceremony too long), First and Last Dance, Dances with Parents (might make one song, instead of two), Anniversay Dance and Presentation of the Bouquet, instead of the tosses. Then the Grand exit with ribbon wands and bells and bubbles.... It seems like it'll be a very packed 2 hours....

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