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Hello ladies!! I am just curious what the "normal" price of wedding cakes are? We're looking at a few different bakers and just don't know which one to pick from. We're looking at a 3-4 round teir cake and just don't know what's a good deal and what's not. Thanks in advance for any help or advice!

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    It depends on your location and cake preferences.  You might want to ask on your local board. The baking, decorating, delivery and setup of our cake were a gift, so we just paid $60 for ingredients.  Had we paid full price, I think it would have run us about $250-300 for a ~100 serving 3 tier cake with buttercream icing from a baker who works out of her home.
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    The cheapest we could find was $365 for 4 tiers (saving top tier, enough to serve 150 people), including the little serparator things, and delivery.  It's $10 if we want different flavors for the different layers (chargered once, not for each different layer).   In our area cakes usually run $3/slice or more, though.
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    if you want fondant and elaborate designs, it's going to run pretty high.  but if you stick with buttercream (tastier than fondant imho) and keep the design clean, it will cost you less.  all the bakeries ive found (in SoCal) don't charge extra for multiple flavors.  most bakeries also have price lists on their websites.
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    The prices I foundfor cakes were about $1.75 a serving for buttercream and about $3.50 for fondant.  I decided on a buttercream cake and it'll be about $300 for 150 people.  Good luck!

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    It totally depends on where you live.  Wedding cakes here from reputable vendors start at $3 a slice for buttercream.
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    Ask on your local board. I live in NYC- I would expect an average to be $8-$10 per serving. I doubt that it would be the same in Kansas City.
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    I have a cake guy for you!!! :) (since you are in KC) I'm getting a mini cake (for our at home reception) for us to cut, and then 2 full sheet cakes for guests-all with filling for 150 ppl- LESS than $200...

    You may not choose to go the route that we did-as far as sheet cakes, but it's a guy that I grew up going to church with, and he does a good job!

    Tell him Randi sent you! ;)
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    [QUOTE] Tell him Randi sent you! ;)
    Posted by bultmannsbabe[/QUOTE]

    Yay! Another girl Randi! I spell mine Randie tho-but its still cool to find them....There arent many out there!

    Anyway-Id say to post on your local board to get the best idea....A cake around here runs about 1.50 for buttercream and 4.00 for fondant per serving. The less you add, the better off you'll be price wise.
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    If you want a large layer cake but want to cut costs, ask about faking the bottom layer - using a large styrofoam block covered in fondant/buttercream and decorated to look like a layer of cake, for example. A family friend is making my cake this way to save money (and cake that would be wasted), so I'm not sure if most cake shops would agree to it or not, but it's worth a shot. 
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    WOW, thank you so much to everyone for your suggestions and help!!
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    My cake slices started at $3.00 a slice we have a 4 tier and with everything on it i was well over $1,000
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