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Hi all!  Long time reader, first time poster.

My fiance and I are currently looking for a DJ (we have a venue and photographer booked).  I've scouted a few here on the Knot and checked out their prices and Yelp reviews ( but now we're stumped.  How do you actually pick one DJ out of four or five who get stellar reviews?  Should we go into a meeting with a DJ with a list of songs to make sure he has them?  Do we take playlist suggestions from the DJ?  I'm just not sure what really makes a great DJ.  We're picky about music, but not in a "we need this list of songs played", mostly in a "we don't want this type of music played." 

Thanks for any suggestions you all have!

Re: Choosing a DJ

  • Have you been to any weddings in your area and thought that the DJ did a great job?  Talk to those brides and find out who they used.
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  • I would check on your local board for recommendations.  Also yes, you should meet with a minimum of 3.  Part of it is finding someone who understands what kind of style you want, how you want your reception to flow, and who you click with.  A good DJ will ask you for a playlist and will have every song imaginable or know how to get it.  Also if they have video on their website, that is a plus. 
    We loved our DJ--he was pretty much our favorite vendor.  He really took the time to get to know us and what we wanted for our reception.
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