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Ideas for music at reception without hiring DJ?!

Hello, any fun ideas for music for a small wedding (45 guests)? Priced some DJ's and the cost is high. Looking for something to make people dance and have a good time.

Re: Ideas for music at reception without hiring DJ?!

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    If you're just going for fun and music, you could check the venue's sound system and bring an iPod player with speakers and play your own music. Of course, then you'd have to have someone "man" the iPod and would not have an MC if you care about that.

    Bands can be costly, but what about looking at a local community college or university? Their music majors are usually quite talented and aren't used to getting paid anyways, so they would expect a lot less than an established professional band.

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    We made our own playlist and had a friend (who had some DJ experience) manage the music on my laptop.  We rented speakers and a mic for $110 total- two or three other friends carried the goods into the reception hall for us and set it up before the ceremony.  Another friend was called on to emcee the reception.

    We had the right music and asked the right people to help, and had a great party as a result.  It is doable, but it's a lot of work to do it well. 
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    I agree with the Ipod setup.  I think that is what we are doing, unless we can get a really good deal on the DJ. 

    Check out Craigslist - there are DJs that advertise on there, as well as bands.  You may be able to neogiate a reasonable price from someone who is starting out and wants/needs some exposure and experience.

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    We are having a casual backyard recpetion after our destination wedding and we are planning on renting a Quibble. It is like a "DJ in a Box" you can program it to play different types of music at different times of your reception, i.e light music during dinner and dance music later on. And you dont need someone to be "manning" it all night. It has thousands of songs already programed in it so you dont have to download any like you would with an ipod (which costs even more money.) Look at your local rental center and see if they have it. Our local one rents it for about $275 which is much more cost effective than a DJ!
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