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Is this good enough???

Hey Ladies, 

I am having a saturday afternoon wedding from 2-5 pm between both meal times. We are basically just having a bunch of snack foods, so I wanted to get everyone's input on whether this was a sufficient amount of food, and on whether or not it seemed appropriate for an afternoon wedding.

First of all, we are having a dry wedding. We will be serving punch, water, and tea. 

1. Cupcakes ( We are having red velvet/cream cheese, white/chocolate fudge, chocolate/ chocolate fudge, white/buttercream
2. Chick-Fil-A nuggets (possibly waffle fries as well)
3. Veggie Platters
4. Fruit Platters
5. Deviled Eggs
6. Cheese Platters(crackers)
7. Shrimp Platters
8. Bread bowl dips
9. Cookies (chocolate chip, peanut butter)
10. Candy Buffet

What do you guys think?
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Re: Is this good enough???

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    I like this a lot!  Sounds like good food, and as long as there's enough on each platter to keep your guests's stomach's full it should be a success!  A suggestion might be meat/cheese, egg-salad buns too.
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    I think it looks like a good list, however PLEASE make sure you make arrangments to keep the food cold/chilled beforehand and while being served!  Shrimp, deviled eggs and cheese can go very bad very quick.  Don't want guests ending up sick.
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    We will definitely keep things that need to be chilled cold and warm things warm. We have several of each platter so we can keep one at a time and replace when needed to keep all the food fresh :)
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    with your cheese platter i would Also think maybe a meat tray with ham, turkey, and ring bologna... just somthing that I have always seen with cheese and cracker trays
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    I'm planning something very similar and wondering when your going to do your pictures?  I'm not sure weather to wait until after the reception or if we should go away during the reception, I hate to miss the food or mingling with my guests?
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    Sounds great! I agree with those that mention a deli selection with the cheese.
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    I am doing all of my pictures before my ceremony, I don't want to keep my guests waiting. Also, I figure I'll look a lot prettier before the wedding (before all the tears are shed) :D
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