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My FI and I are thinking of having plastic cups in our colors made for the reception. We are having alcohol so I want everyone to be drinking out of he same cups just so the alcohol is less obvious. Basically it will make me feel better. Some sensitive older people will be present. DO you think this will be very tacky and unattractive? The cups will be part of the favors.
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Re: Tacky?

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    less obvious? sensitive older people? what?

    and i assume then you mean that guests will have to use the same cup all night. weird. what if they want different drinks?

    i once got a glass from a wedding with the bride and grooms name and date on them. ONE glass. it went into the garbage.

    i might give this a bit more thought. if you want to still do the plastic cup thing consider nice ones. dont make it part of the favor. they'll be dirty and sticky by the end of the night and people wil have to tote them home. yuck.


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    I'm not really following.  You want to give people plastic cups as favors and they need to use those cups if they drink alcohol?

    I'm not a huge fan.
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    I wouldn't want to take home a dirty cup that didn't go with anything.  Or drink my bourbon & sprite from the same cup as my root beer.  Can you just get opaque disposable cups?
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    I do NOT want beer bottles or cans floating around my reception and being in pictures. Some elders in my family are NOT thrilled about alcohol at the wedding. This is our way of keeping all the guests happy. Has nobody ever kept a plastic cup from a restaurant or sporting event?? 
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    I understand what you mean. I think I have one cup from Fenway. But honestly, most people will probably end up throwing them out or just leaving them at the reception. I think you can just get nice looking plastic cups that are disposable, not for people to take home.
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    You could always specify to the bartender to only serve drinks (including beer and soft drinks) in the opaque cups.  Before the metal beer bottles, this happened all the time at sporting events.

    Personally, we don't have any cups from sporting events or anywhere....they get tossed everytime we move or do a deep clean of the house.

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    I don't like the 'cups as favors' thing.  I would just go with using the disposable plastic clear cups and serve all beverages in this type of cup.  IMO I wouldn't even use colors.  The clear plastic cups have a "glass/crystal" look to them.  Coloring them and making them opaque would then make it look like a plastic cup.

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    I can understand your concern about beer bottles in pictures, but it will be difficult to tell the difference between a rum and coke and a plain coke.  They will look the same in pics.  

    Are colored cups necessary?  If your sensitive relatives sees a guy holding a cup of coke and assumes it has rum in it.. they will make the same assumptions about what is in colored cups.  So as long as you ban bottles/cans.. any type of cup you use will be sufficient, IMO.
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    I have my mug night cups from bars where you have to buy a new mug if you don't bring yours.  But at those college bars there is an expectation that beer is slopped everywhere and a little more getting on your jeans while you carry the cup home isn't a big deal.  And all everyone is drinking there is the same tap beer over and over.

    Dressed up for a wedding, I don't want my soda or cocktail in the same cup as my beer or to carry home a dirty, sticky cup that I have no use for.
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    Nothing wrong with using plastic, colored cups for any and all beverages, unless it's a formal wedding in a nicer venue. 

    But I would not give cups as favors then expect guests to drink out of them.  Favors are to take home.  If the cups as favors are in addition to the cups guests are served in, that would be fine. 

    If your budget is so tight you cannot afford a jumbo container of plastic cups to use at the reception, then you need to rethink having favors and alcohol.
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    I don't want to take home a cup I've been drinking out of.  It's just kind of gross.  I've been to a couple of kitschy restaurants where you buy a cocktail and they let you keep the glass, but they give you a clean one to take home.
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    I get you on the beer bottle thing. I am making my bartenders pour them into glasses so we don't have tacky pictures of ladies in gowns holding a beer bottle. But, the plastic cup thing is weird. I would never want a cup with your name on it to take home. I also think you should serve your drinks in real glasses and I don't think people should have to hide their alcohol- that's weird. People drink and there is nothing wrong with it. I think the "elders" should understand. Besides, most old people in my family drink more than the young people do. 
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    Why not have the bartender put the beer in a pint glass?  

    I wouldn't want to drink out of plastic anything.  
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    I also prefer drinking out of a real glass, but realize that's not always an affordable option.  I will drink out of whatever is offered, and think nothing of it, if it's convenient. 

    But if given a plastic cup with my name on it as a favor, and was expected to use it all evening to drink out of, it would feel give me a backyard barbecue or low budget frat party vibe.
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    In Response to <a href="">Re: Tacky?</a>:
    [QUOTE]Why not have the bartender put the beer in a pint glass?   I wouldn't want to drink out of plastic anything.  
    Posted by MyNameIsNot[/QUOTE]

    My thoughts exactly. What's wrong with using actual glasses?
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