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how long should a reception be??

We are having our wedding ceremony on a Saturday, and the venue only rents their ballrooms out in 4 hour increments. And we are also having the ceremony at the same place we are having the reception but outside. So that means we have to have the ceremony, reception: eating, throwing the bouquet, cutting the cake, dancing, and everything that goes into the reception in 4 hours!! They said if they didn't have someone scheduled to have the ball room after us, we could possibly stay longer. But what I really want to know is, How long does a reception usually take? and i wanted my wedding to be later in the day but we have to have it early so my grandfather can leave early enough to get home before it gets dark b/c its a 6 hour drive... so the ceremony is scheduled to start at 2, and reception to start immediately after that, and all end by 6? any advise? 
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