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I need some help with ceremony/reception ideas.

Hello everyone,
My wedding is planned for Oct 27, 2012 and the theme im going for is like a spooky Halloween/haunted theme. I'm just having trouble getting my ideas together. The colors are black and red. I cant seem to come up with good food ideas for the reception and any good decorations. I want the reception to have a spooky haunted house feel and like a Halloween party (if that makes sense) but i want it to be fun so the adults and children can all enjoy it. Also im having trouble trying to see how to fix the theme into the ceremony. My dress is going to be white and red and everyone else (groom, best men, bridesmaids, flower-girl etc.) is going to be in black and red. Any help would be great! also i'm looking for places in the Cleveland Ohio area that allows outside caters. I haven't been here for very long so i don't know everything the city has to offer lol. Again thank you!

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