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Reception/ Theme Conflict

My husband and i are traveling back to our home towns to have our ceromony and reception. Luckily we are high school sweethearts and our families are from the same area.
We are from northwestern Wisconsin and are now living in Monterey California.
We are are having our wedding on Decembe 30th, our one year anniversary, and obviously it's winter and snowy there. We are really trying to avoid the whole winter wonderland theme and are shooting for more of a new years them but with a vintage twist. Our colors are peacock and plum. But here's the twist, we want to incorparate our new lives here in California but how to do that we don't know. We are doing our 'engagement' photos back home in Wisconsin since we get a free session in our wedding package. We were thinking of doing different centerpeices for each table kind of telling our story and presenting us as a couple is this a bad idea... Please Help. I know I have time but I just am one of those brides tht likes to have things ready and be super prepared.
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