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Wholesale Flowers???

Has anybody used  I've been searching through what seems to be a hundred different wholesale flower providers and they seem to have really great pricing and was just wondering if anybody has anything to say about any experience they've had.  Thanks!!

Re: Wholesale Flowers???

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    I haven't heard anything about them, but I've heard good things about
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    Sam's and Costco also have flowers that you can buy in bulk... They might even be cheaper.

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    try they are awesome and i think the most reasonable online company out there. good luck in your search!
    Mrs. Emily Wolcott June 11, 2011 :)
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    I have heard of the two mentioned by others...not the one you mentioned.  I was going to get my flowers from until some brides from here turned me on to .  Now I planning on getting my flowers from them, and I talked to David online one time and he said if I call him when I am ready, he would give me a better deal than what is good luck!
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    Hi, I just saw your post.  Just out of curiosity, where did you end up going with?  Any opinions?   I've also been looking at all of these sites and it seems like they are each slightly cheaper in one area, but then have different shipping policies, or don't have something I'm looking for, making it hard to choose.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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