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coffee bean centerpieces?

I just met with my florist and have decided to do rectangular vases filled with coffee beans and flowers coming out of the top.  It is absolutely beautiful and fits with our theme of chocolate brown and light pink.So my question is does anyone have suggestions of where I might find cheap coffee beans, such as specific websites? I have called local coffee shops to see if they throw away expired beans but I haven't had any luck.  We also checked Sam's Club and they're about $5-6 per pound.  Or does anyone have any ideas as to something else to fill the vases that's chocolate brown or that we could spray paint brown?Thanks!!!!!!!

Re: coffee bean centerpieces?

  • I am also planning to do this with rectangular vases and when I realized I would be spending more for the coffee than the vases I was like... hmmmm.... I think the idea of adding foam to the center and beans only to the outside was smart. You would use a lot less. I would be wondering how well my flowers would fit, thought. I'm doing them all myself, so I'm still working out what the best would be. I'm also considering not having eh coffee beans at all and just putting a ribbon around the vase. Good luck. let us know if you find something!
  • Could you not spray paint pinto beans?
  • I'm using coffee beans and are still on the hunt for them at a reasonable price - I'm sure some place has cheaper ones - keep checking with the local coffee houses...however if they have expired beans they may not be doing that good business wise - hummm....good question. I'll let you know if I think of anything for the dilemma.
  • how about dried beans --- not coffee beans, but the beans you eat. kidney beans and pinto beans are shades of brown.
  • Use two size of vases --one inside the other--You will just have to fill maybe a 1/2-1" space and will look like it is solid.  You can put the flowers in the center vase!  Good Luck!
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