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LOW budget wedding

hey, my name is Nicole. Im 19 and getting married Oct 2011 in CT. I have a very small budget and i dont know how im gonna pay for everything we want in out wedding. We have big dreams but small funds. anyone have any good ideas of saving money without sacrificing our wedding dreams?? Thanks Laughing

Re: LOW budget wedding

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    Check out the Budget board for ideas.
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    I recommend getting married on a Sunday (especially) or a Friday.  Saturday weddings are more expensive.  Its cheaper to have weddings on a Sun or Fri.  Vendors lower the prices and give better deals to get more business.  Go to bridal shows.  I got almost $800 off my reception because I saw the coordinator at a bridal show.  I also won a grand prize for $500 for a florist and a free engagement session!   I dropped names.  I went to a DJ and said that 'so and so' is going to give us this for this price....what can you do?  (saved $200 and got free uplighting bec I negiotiated!) OR I would say that 'so and so' recommended you....I would always get deals that way.  Its a business between you and your vendors so negotiate and SHOP AROUND!!  Try to get married and have the reception at the same location to reduce transporation.  Day weddings are cheaper then night.  Offer a beer and wine (maybe with a sig. drinik if your budget allows) instead of full open bar.  Be thoughtful with decor...fake flowers are not always cheaper. (My centerpieces are half sliced orances and lemons submerged in water with flowers).  Shop at MICHAELS  for coupons and VistaPrint.  Don't go crazy over you honestly remember what you did with the favors that you got at weddings?

    Thats all for now...PM me if you need any other advice that I have learned from tril and error!!  Good luck and don't go crazy....have fun with the planning process!
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    figure out what is important to you and important to your wedding.Buy things you need for a wedding (offciant and a ring) and things you want a dress maybe.

    do lots of research and ask around for great venues. Many of the low cost venues will not be advertised on wedding websites. I know we are in different states but through my research i found a chapel that costs me 200 dollars and a reception hall that is 500 to rent and 16 per person for dinner.

    diy as much as you can( bouquets, invites, decorations, centerpieces, be creative think outside the box) and bargin shop wherever you can 

    the best thing I have been doing is buying things a little at a time --still watching my budget of course but it wont hit me at once.
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    "i dont know how im gonna pay for everything we want in out wedding"
    you need to learn how to distinguish WANTS from NEEDS.

    also, since you're so young, you can wait a bit and save up so that you CAN have all of the WANTS.


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    My advice is to remember this is a wedding you're planning and not a Broadway show.  Small and simple can be beautiful, romantic and much less expensive.  Weddings not very long ago were followed by a reception of cake, coffee and maybe tea sandwiches and were for family and close friends of the couple.  Now I'm reading about brides doing exotic themes, fretting over extravagant decorations and planning events that last all weekend, etc.  The rehearsal dinner is a case in point.  The rehearsal dinner was intended to feed the wedding party the night of the rehearsal - simple, informal and inexpensive.  If I'm understanding what I'm reading correctly, these dinners are now almost as extravagant as the wedding. feast.  Fortunately, I've never actually been to one of these extravaganzas, but I am willing to bet that many of them turn into major diasters.  Few people are really creating enough to pull these events off without looking very silly. 
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    PRIORITIZE!  This helps put many "wants" into perspective.  Definitely look to other Knotties for advice on the DIY boards.  Vistaprint has really great prices (Got mine for free!) on STD and invites, but always remember the internet and use email for things like that.  Pick flowers that are in season or take a look at paper flowers, you'd be surprised at how beautiful they can be. And reuse them, i.e. BM bouquets for centerpieces.  Enlist the help of friends and family that are just as excited as you are.  Start early and do a little at a time.  The old addage...less is more is very true.   Fewer guests create a more intimate ceremony and less $$ at the reception.  Remember it's a celebration of your love together and not about a big show. 
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    My Fiance and I are also on a tight budget, and are paying for everything ourselves. The first thing we did was create a list of things we were willing to pay for, and things we were willing to cut back on. Also, I do not recommend using the Knot's vender locator. The website's definition of inexpensive has been expensive for our budget. Asking around and using search engines has been a lot more helpful to us. I also try to refrain from watching TV shows about weddings (especially platinum weddings). I would see the lavish weddings and sticking to the budget didn't seem realistic, although it is completely realistic. Finally, know your budget and stick to it. If you only have x amount to spend on a dress, let the dress shop know that you only want to see dresses within that amount. The same goes with flowers, venues, etc. By only seeing items within your budget makes it easier to like what you have, rather than wanting to spend more. I hope this helps. PM me if you want more tips. We've been planning for almost 2 years, and I've found a lot of creative, money-saving tips.

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