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Has anyone had any experience with  There are some reception decorations on there that I really like but I am not sure how much I trust it.  Any advice?


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    [QUOTE]Has anyone had any experience with  There are some reception decorations on there that I really like but I am not sure how much I trust it.  Any advice?
    Posted by Dchristie85[/QUOTE]

    I've used Etsy over a dozen times for everything from jewelry to artwork to greeting cards. My experience has been positive, but I would suggest ONLY using sellers from the US AND reading the feedback reviews. Many international sellers have emerged and they may not be as reliable.
  • I've bought a lot of stuff on Etsy.  Not all sellers are alike on there, but I haven't had any trouble with anything I've purchased and I've bought from around ten to fifteen different sellers.

    Definitely read the reviews before purchasing, but don't be too worried!
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    I got my headband, necklace, and earrings from there. Wonderful experience!
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  • I shop on etsy all the time.  Just be sure to look at the feedback for each seller and stay away from sellers who have negative reviews or appear unprofessional.  Also,each seller has their own return and refund policies, so read those before you purchase anything.
  • I use Etsy all the time! I love their stuff, their wedding items seems to be so unique. I've had vert positive experiences from the sellers, and all were very personable.
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  • I use etsy all the time! I've also bought a number of things that were from international sellers. The key is to read the reviews. If a seller has a number of positive reviews, you're usually okay. I once had something get lost and it was refunded, no problem. I've also had one negative experience and was sure to use the feedback as an opportunity to tell others what went wrong and to be wary. Turns out I wasn't the only one but unfortunately, I seemed to be one of the first so there was no knowing her service would decline. It was also a seller from the US so just buying domestic doesn't necessarily save you from the headache! Good luck and have fun- I LOVE etsy!
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  • i shop (and sell!) on etsy.  I agree with PP... make sure you read the descriptions of items and the reviews. I ordered my garter from etsy and the reviews said it took a month to arrive....and it did! thankfully i ordered early =)

    most of the sellers are very understanding and you can find some really cute custom orders on there.....heck i've even asked non-custom shops if they could create something for me.  you'd be surprised at how much talent is out there!

    good luck =)
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    Ditto the PP.  Have had many wedding and NWR etsy transactions and all have been positive.
  • I've used etsy for all the gifts for my bridal party. My experience has been good thus far but I agree on the international orders. Also, you can see how many sales a particular vendor has made which is a good sign of their reliability. If you're concerned about liking a particular item in person, read the fine print on returns (I believe there's an overal etsy policy but individual vendors may have their own.) Good luck! -J
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    Embarassed I ordered from an international seller and didn't think twice.  I didn't have any problems with the seller. (Then again I've done the same thing on ebay and actually bought from before.)  The only time I had an issue was with a domestic seller and it was something I had to put a deposit down on.  Her turnaround time is really slow, so if she hadn't followed through I would have been out of the money (if she wasn't willing to refund), because too much time had passed from the deposit. Ditto the PPs that the reviews are your best friend.

    ETA: And I'm probably going to end up buying my necklace from an international seller as well.


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  • I LOVE etsy!  Agreed with other posters on ways to try to vet each seller, but in general it's a great community filled with vendors who believe in quality products. 

    I got my wedding dress trims, hairpieces, and bridesmaid gifts from there and couldn't have been happier with each thing. =) 
  • My hair combs came from an etsy seller in Australia, and they were my absolute favorite pieces of jewelry I wore.  Be careful before purchasing from overseas, but you don't have to completely exclude them.  Read reviews of the sellers!!!  I also got my earrings, garter, ring bearer dish, and wooden signs on etsy.

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  • I absolutely love Etsy!

    I got our save-the-date designs, ring boxes and gifts for our bridal party from US shops, and our wedding bands from international shops. I was completly satisfied every time. I agree with all the comments on looking at the reviews first thought, I'd been reading them forever before buying the rings. But I (and FI) couldn't be happier with them!
  • Esty is wonderful. I buy and also sell on there often. PP gave you good advice. One other things I would add is to check the listing, and check the seller's policy, and allow yourself plenty of time, because many items are handmade to order. 
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  • Oh, yes - I just want to say that I've bought from international sellers, as well.  Everything was totally fine with my orders and my pieces arrived just as lovely as they looked in the website.
  • My engagement and wedding rings both came from etsy, and they're beautiful!  I love that they're hand crafted.  I've also done all of my Christmas shopping for several years now on etsy.  Trust it!
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  • I bought most of my decorations, my dress and bridesmaid dresses off of Etsy, as well as I am an Etsy Seller myself. There are a ton of really great sellers out there, but be wary that if you do buy your dress from there, look for people that have personal pictures, and are not a reseller from China. This has become a huge problem for Etsy sellers, and honestly the stuff they sell just looks like everything else everyone else has out there. There is a wealth of talent there, and most of the people are geniuinely happy to work with you as well as more often than not, the prices are really comparitive to the cheap stuff. There is a significant value in alot of the things there, as well as you can assure it is handmade for the most part. As the PP said, really read the reviews, and look around, go on the sellers facebook page, look in the featured sellers lists, just sit and read one afternoon if you have the time, some of the sellers and really do the homework and you'll come out better in the long run! Hope this really helps.
  • I am in LOVE with Etsy. In less than a year I have ordered at least ten things from at least ten different sellers. It's supporting people who are making their own money, so I's amazing! In fact I'm buying my WEDDING DRESS on Etsy, believe it or not, and probably as much wedding stuff as I can get.
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  • Thanks everyone for the advice.
    My first order from ETSY was shipped yesterday!
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