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Escort Cards??

My florist recommended escort cards for  the reception because our event is big.  These cards would be in alphabetical order at the entrance of the reception building and would tell the guests what table to sit at, not what chair, so they could pick what chair they wanted to sit in at the table but we would pick the table.  We would have 2 or 3 helpers at the table that would help the guests find their names and help point them in the direction of the correct table.  The pros to escort cards are that they will get everyone into the reception faster and decrease the bottle-neck effect at the entrance to the reception hall, which menas we can start dinner sooner, it would make our guests feel like we've thought of them personally and most imporantly, it would insure that each table was seated to capacity instead of people saving seats or pulling chairs from one table to another and essentially paying for an empty table.  I'm all for this idea and think it's a good one but my fiance isn't sold on it...everyone else I've talked to thinks its a good idea but if my fiance doesn't like it then I don't want to do it.  What do you guys think?? 

Re: Escort Cards??

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    I definitely think it's a good idea. And coming from a guest point of view, I would rather be assigned a table than trying to run around and find a seat.
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    Escort cards are normally used.
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    Use them.  There is no reason not to.  It will make for a far less chaotic environment and is a courtesy to your guests.  Your FI will thank you after the event is over that it was organized. 
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    Escort cards allow you to do table assignments.  And table assignments are good for a variety of reasons:

    Doing table assignments is actually a courtesy to your guests. It ensures that people who don't get along won't end up stuck with each other because they're the only open seats left.

    It ensures that couples or families won't be split up because there are not enough seats left at any given table when they arrive.

    It ensures that Great Aunt Hilda won't be seated with your FIs college frat brothers, or that Grandpa Al won't end up sitting right next to the dj's speakers.

    It ensures that your college roommate, who doesn't know anyone but you at the wedding, won't wander the room hoping that she can sit somewhere. (Remember the cafeteria in Jr. High?)

    It ensures that you won't have 11 people jammed into a table that seats 8 comfortably because people decided to pull up chairs so they could all sit together.

    It also saves you $$, because when you don't have assigned tables, you need to have extras because you WILL end with tables of 4 where you intended to have 8.

    I've only been to one wedding without table assignments, and it was a holy mess as people wandered around trying to figure out where they were supposed to sit.

    Do table assignments.

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    Do them.  It will make life much easier on your guests. 
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    Definitely do them. You don't need people there to help anyone find their card though. Most people understand alphabetical order.
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    Do them!  My FI and his whole fam is trying to convince me not to do them, but with 225 people I just can't imagine the chaos.  Thank you all for confirming my decision, great reasons everyone!!
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    DEFINITELY do them! I hate when there is no table assignment- and it really screws some people over- like all the people they know are at a table, and they end up sitting with people they don't know. Or your great aunt ends up next to the speakers, and can't hear anything, etc... DO THEM!!!
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    We're attaching escort cards to our favors. We're using favor boxes, so the escort tag will be a tag.
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