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xp limited bar questions

So our venue doesnt allow "open bottles of liquore".  In talking with the owner, he said we can do beer, wine, and mix drinks, but the drinks have to be mixed "ahead of time".  Which is a total bummer.  So.. whats the best way to pull this off, with the most options for our guests? 

Re: xp limited bar questions

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    Beer, wine and a couple of signature drinks that can be pre-mixed for you is probably your best option.
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    come up with about 3-4 signature drinks. have a variety (fruity, dark liquor, martini , etc) something for everyone.  Yeah, Signature drinks are the best way to go
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    sangria is a fun mix ahead drink and with all the add ins you can actually use a really inexpensive wine as the base.  and although it's still "wine" it's something different.
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