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Comedian at reception?

My dad recently suggested the idea of having a comedian at the reception, and the more I think about it the more I like it. Just wanted to get some opinions/ideas.

Wedding profile:
Small (50 or less people); outdoor ceremony; barn reception; early October; very country-chic; semi-formal but classy; no children; amazing food = priority number one.

FI and I aren't huge on dancing and the "dance partiers" in our crowd are a small minority, so we were initially thinking of DIYing our music by making playlists and having our DOC cue the special songs. My dad, however, thinks that's a bad idea and keeps pushing for a DJ to keep everything 'alive.' I hear what he's saying and I therefore would be concerned about that.

I think the comedian idea really fits our style as a couple.  Reviewing our guest list, we don't have anyone that is super-religious or who we would otherwise think would get offended by some jokes. Actually, most of the would probably dig it. The only people that I might be concerned about is a select few from my office, but they all like to drink and joke amongst each other too. I obviously would not want raunchy, x-rated jokes, but it wouldn't be PG either. Something just a hair less than Daniel Tosh's level of (hilarious) offensive-ness.

My number one worry about this is the cost of a good comedian. There's nothing worse than bad stand-up and I don't want that at the wedding... so I would invest the time and research to find an awesome one. I have not yet begun looking into the cost of this.

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