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Classic rock wedding?

So I really want to have a classic rock wedding. My fiance and I love Aerosmith, Lynard Skynard, Queen and such. But I'm having a really hard time thinking of a way to decorate and make this theme happen.

Re: Classic rock wedding?

  • You can maybe them your music to that taste. But I think thats about as far as you can go with that one.
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  • You could incorporate guitar pics somehow - I've seen a tutorial for guitar pic flowers that was pretty cool.

    You could also incorporate vinyl records - I saw a cool pin on Pinterest that was a vinyl record cupcake stand.

    Your escort cards could be in concert ticket style.

    You could use a lot of black, white and red in your color scheme, which tends to give off a rock and roll vibe. Pair it with the rock and roll hearts image and it would look pretty nice. :) (picture of what I'm talking about found here:

    Google "rock and roll wedding" and there are a lot of cool pics that come up that could help give you ideas.

    And of course a classic rock cover band is a must! :)

    Good luck!
  • I love classic rock too.  But I agree with liatris2010, the wedding already has a theme.  I sure would like to go to a wedding with a band or dj who played the bands you listed.  Good luck!
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    I agree weddings don't NEED a theme and often times, they can be done poorly so it's either overkill or really cheesy or feels like a kid's birthday party. Having said that, I have seen a couple done really well. Our photographer photographed the week right after ours, a wedding that was totally 1950s vintage from the bride's dress to accessories to the WP attire, to having pics taken at a 50s diner to using a classic car, to even having our photographers take some shots with a truly vintage camera. It was the most well-done "theme" wedding I have ever seen. It was beautiful, not cheesy, and not overdone. So while I am usually against themes, I think here and there they can be done really well.

    I think if you wanted to incorporate aspects of these bands besides playing music, you might do the concert ticket stub escort card idea like PP suggested. You might name your tables after different classic rock bands that you like. I think there's ways to incorporate it without going overboard or being overly cheesy. It's just a fine line to walk.

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