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Finding a venue!

So Im getting married in the dead of winter in Minnesota..I know! But Im having dead ends on finding a venue that doeasnt cost 10,000 or more just for the food.... Does anyone have any ideas on nice, inexpensive wedding reception venues in the twin cities area?

Re: Finding a venue!

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    There are a ton of good places in the area. The best thing to do is to go to "local" at the top of the page here and it will bring you to a map of the US. It says like local resources or something and click on MN and then click "Ceremonies and Receptions". I can say one thing, we looked into The Embassy Suites Airport location and I would look there if you don't mind doing it at a hotel. It's one stop shopping and depending on the number of guests you can keep it pretty small for a lot of stuff. Plus the Embassy Suites is amazing on the inside. Don't go to a venue where you have to bring in a bunch of decor and catering and stuff, it adds up very quickly.
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    Try posting this on your local board, you may get some more responses there.
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