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too long of a drive for a 2 hour reception??

FI and I are considering doing a "appetizer & dessert reception" with some finger foods and of course cake, etc...

We are considering this to cut costs. It would be the same place as ceremony, but it would only be about 2 hours long (2 1/2 including ceremony).It would only be about 40-45 guests in total (close friends and family). All guests are in same state, but some family memebers live about 2 1/2 hours north from the place we were thinking of booking.
So my question is:
Is it wrong to have guests drive that far for 2 1/2 hour reception?

I of course would somehow word it in the invite what type of reception it is and the time frame so they know ahead of time.

It is practically in Atlantic City, NJ so they do have many different options if they prefer to stay the night or take a mini weekend vacation in one of the casinos or anything if they choose to at their own expense.

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