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Helppp :(

okay I've gone thru some trouble these last few months. I'm 23 with a daughter. Yes I'm marrying her father. Well, my biological dad had gotten a little upset with me when I told him that both he and my stepdad would be walking me down the aisle. Not together. I wanted it to be my dad then stepdad to my FH. My reason for this is because my dad had me when I was young then my stepdad came into my life then my FH. My stepdad has been in my life since I was 4 and he has paid for everything and done everything and never once treated me as a stepchild. He is even paying for everything for the wedding. And this is still not even about money for me. I do love my dad a lot but my stepdad also. He has done above and beyond. Also, my wedding night for the father daughter dance.. I was thinking about dancing with one of my dads while he dances with his mom then the other dad while FH dances with our almost 3 year old. How should I go about this?! My brain has been going nuts!!
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