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I love love love pictures and scrapbooking and making it part of my wedding. We will have different pictures of us as table numbers, disposables on the I want to find a way to incorporate our guest book. I'm buying a photo album with space to write beside the can I ensure I will get a picture with everyone?? Does this just happen? I really want the book to be full after the wedding. Do I make sure my photographer is aware? Just count on the disposables? HELP!
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    xoxobxoxob member
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    Step 1, have a Polaroid next to the GB
    Step 2, have a cut out of the two of you next to the GB!
    Step 3, have people sign the bottom of the polaroid and put it in your GB!

    That wasn't a serious idea but I think it's the only way to ensure you get a picture with everyone. Also, I think it's pretty funny...heh.

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    i LOVE xoxob's idea!  Perfect amount of cheesy-ness and your guests will never forget it!  it is so cute!
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    We are having a photobooth at our reception - it gives you two prints, one will go into our scrapbook and the guests can sign next to it and take the other one they can take home as a favor.  I won't be in the picutre with everybody there but I will have a picture of everybody who came. 
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