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Our reception is cocktail style, without any official seating arrangements. This poses a problem for women at the wedding because they have no secure seat or place to put their purses. Does anyone have any suggestions for what women can do with their purses?


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    vsgalvsgal member
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    That depends.  Are you going to have seats for everyone, but there is no assigned seating or are you not going to have seating at all?

    You do not have to have assigned seating, but you need to have enough seats for every butt that shows up.  People are  going to want a place to park when they need it.   They are going to want a home base to put their cameras, wraps, programs, and purses so they can mingle, dance, eat and drink.  It is going to be a huge inconvienence for them to manage all of their personal items and carry a glass and plate of food.

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    I think most women assume when going to a wedding (or other partied) there isn't a secure place to place their personal belongings except at their seat. I know for me I just leave it at home and bring only the essentials in a small clutch I can carry around.

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    I would just hold on to my purse.  I do it everywhere else I go, so your wedding wouldn't be an exception.  I actually would be nervous to leave it in a designated area.
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    Having assigned seats isn't going to make women comfortable leaving their purse at the table and walking away from it.  I would never do that unless it was being watched by my FI or a very close friend, which has nothing to do with whether our seats were assigned to us or not.
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    maybe you could do like a purse check or something... i dunno if that is good budgeting, but it's an idea for something more secure....

    I would probably just bring a really small clutch like mentioned above...and hold on to it...
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    As long as you have a chair for every behind (which you need to do) it's fine.  I leave my purse on a chair or table.

    And I wouldn't check it because the only things I bring in a wedding purse are lipstick and cash.
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