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New Orleans-themed wedding : )

My FI and I are having a New Orleans-themed reception and I was wondering if anyone has any ideas : ) Maybe some pictures? I have some ideas already but it is hard to find any good ideas online for this theme. I don't really want anything too mardi-gras, but more of a jazz/french quarter theme with some fun colors. The wedding is outdoor and more on the casual side. Any input would be greatly appreciated Laughing

Re: New Orleans-themed wedding : )

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    NOLA music is a must for this wedding.  Classics like Louis Armstrong to the Marsalis family to The Neville Brothers to Harry Connick Jr.

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    Cajun food: muffalettas, po-boys, jambalaya, red beans and rice, hushpuppies, crawfish, shrimp gumbo beignets, iced coffee.. I think it would be awesome to have a king cake wedding cake..but I don't know if you want to go all out like that :)

    Now I'm hungry....

    Magnolias and azaleas are great flowers from this area.
    You could always tie in some fleur-de-lis in your decor...
    mardi gras masks- maybe use them as a floral pick in your centerpieces? Or if you have a photo booth, beads and masks would be perfect.

    I'd say don't get too crazy with the mardi gras colors.. maybe do splashes of purple and greens. 

    I also agree with tldh's idea of music- you must have jazz and ragtime type music! Ahh so fun. I've also seen a "parade" of wedding party and guests with a brass band.. Made for some awesome fun pictures!!!

     Hope this helps some :) I love NOLA
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    Try hiring a Zydeco band. What about looking for a prop rental company in your area and doing a backdrop or a few props to set the scene. I've seen a few weddings get way carried away with props, but a few could be an inexpensive way to add your NOLA vibe. Cool idea!
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    How about lacy fans for your BMs and the MOB and MOG?  If you are Catholic, carry your rosary with your bouquet. 
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    Those are all great ideas! I agree about the music..that will make people feel like they are in New Orelans : ) I'm hungry now too with all those yummy food ideas. I love the ideas about the lacy fans too and the maks being a part of the centerpieces. Maybe a smaller version of a mask would fit in just perfectly! Thanks everyone for the great ideas!
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    I'm incorporating a nola theme b/c my fiance is from there.  My centerpieces will be 2 masks in a glass vase with mardi gras beads at the bottom.  The vase will sit on a mirror and will surrounded by tea candles. 

    Google "second line dance" and "cake pulls."  We're incorporating both of these traditions.  We'll probably have some mardi gras beads at the rehearsal dinner. 

    Are you doing table names/numbers?  We don't do that down south (typically we have stations) but if you do you could name the tables after famous streets in New Orleans (Bourbon, St Charles, Tchoupitoulas). 

    I'm slapping fleur de lis on everything from the invitations to the napkins.  The grooms cake will of course be SAINTS themed! Who dat! And we'll be serving jambalaya.  I would recommend not serving gumbo if you have people that are actually from louisiana attending... it won't be up to par for them. 

    Check out: and
    We're going to second-line into the New Year! Image and video hosting by TinyPic
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