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I found a link on Facebook last week for this site/program called CameraRenter.  (  This allows you to "rent" 10 digital cameras, which can take up to 2000 pictures, much like you would with a disposable camera.  
So they were running a contest, and I received notice today that I was the runner up.  The prize allowed me to take $200 off of the "all inclusive package."  I spoke to my fiance, and my roommate- they both feel that it might be a ploy, and that everyone who enters are considered "runners up" making you feel like you had to spend the money.  I was curious if anyone else had this experience, or even heard about them.  
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    If it's not a scam, I still think it's a waste of money.  A lot of your guests will bring their own cameras, plus you'll have a photographer there right?  You'll get a ton of pictures from your guests even if you don't provide cameras for them.  I'd say save your money and spend on something more worthwhile.
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    I always Google "(business name) reviews" when I'm considering buying from a place I've never heard of.  I've dodged some real bullets that way.

    We were considering renting through, but decided that it was an unnecessary expense.  Most people will bring their own cameras, and we'll just print up cards that direct them to a central website where they can post all of their pictures.  (The card will also tell them to post the pictures to Facebook and tag us, since that's where all of my pictures end up anyway.)
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    thanks for your input ladies.  i really like the idea of directing them to a central site, perhaps snapfish where anyone can order, and view the pictures.  and anna, thanks for entering.  let me know what you find out! 
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