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Kokomo Reception?

Hi Guys,  I am from Kokomo, I will be living in Indianapolis next year and am planning a wedding for October 2012. All of my fiance and I's family and friends are pretty much from Kokomo, so we have decided at the convenience of everyone attending to have it there.  We have looked at the Casa Bella and I have seen the Continental Ballroom, Johanning Civic Center, the Elite, and also Celebrations.  I know those are the main options, but I feel like there has to be other options as well that are more hidden. I heard from someone that there is some really cool building downtown that rent out to people but i don't know who to ask or where to look when dealing with downtown.  If anyone has any ideas of any unique places to have a reception in or near Kokomo, please send any ideas my way :):)

Thank you.
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