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I plan on using these as my centerpieces. I have 6 ft long tables I want to put one on each end with tulle down the middle and candles on each side of the tulle all the way down the table some battery operated and some real candles. What do you think they are about 8 in high TIA

Any ideas to help or other options would be great also...

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    I think those are pretty!  I have some double sided chandeliers from ebay just like those for my cake and guestbook tables.  I think that It'll look good.  My only issue is the candles.  I don't think I'd use some real and some fake of candles...sometimes they give off a drastically different look than one another and it might be too different when they're right next to eachother.  Also, I hear all over here to stay away from tulle (I guess because everyone thinks it's so 80s? Lol)  But I think that what you would use it for sounds pretty.  Just be care full with the tulle so that it doesn't move over the flame by the end of the night.  We don't want a fire to outshine you!!! :)
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    I'm going to use battery operated candles under the tulle and then real candles down along the tulle but they will only be lit at certian times during dinner mainly then just the battery operated ones will be used becasue I dont want a fire. Thanks any other opinions???
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