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Wine bottle guest book

Hi all!  We're hoping to do a wine bottle "guest book," like this one.  My question is -- does anyone have any suggestions for pens that are permanent and write on glass?  I saw something in an old post that Sharpies don't work very well, but all the glass markers I can find seem to be specifically designed to wipe off with a damp cloth.  Anyone have any experience with this?  The Sharpie site says they can write on glass, so I'd like to hear from anyone who has experienced differently . . .

Thanks in advance!

Re: Wine bottle guest book

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    We used metallic paint pens for our river rock guest book. Those would probably work for you as well. 
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    We wrote our menu on old glass windows using Sharpies.  It worked fine.  Acetone (and probably other solvents) will remove the writing, but I don't think water does.  I have used paint pens before for various projects - you can find them at a crafts store, but typically they take a minute or two to dry.  I would just buy a few different colors and types of pens and test them out.  I definitely think you should try Sharpies, though.  
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    [QUOTE]Sharpies clean off glass pretty easily. If you want the writing to stick metallic paint pens like Addie suggested might be your best bet. I'd grab a bunch of different ones from the craft store, try them out, and then exchange the ones that don't work for more of the ones that do.
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    This is my experience too.

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    Thanks everyone for your help!
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    i'd stick with sharpies (paint pens sound messy for guests...but maybe that's just me!)

    is there some sort of sealer you could paint over the sharpie with afterwards? that might work...
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