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Movie themed Reception? Good or bad?

Our venue in a old movie theatre,  and we both love movies, so we thought to to do a movie themed reception. Each table be a differnt movie. Just trying to figure out a great way to incorperate things. My mom said Rent a pop corm machine, and have hot dogs and pretzles.

We are gonna have a movie playing in the back round,  things like that. WOuld that be to hookey? or fun?

any other ideas?

Re: Movie themed Reception? Good or bad?

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    I think in another venue it would be hokey but for the old theater its perfect. You are playing to the venue's natural charms. Talk to your caterer about their ideas for movie themed food (they can probably do something a little nicer then hotdogs/pretzels). I love the idea of the table names being movies. You could create some signature cocktails with movie names too. Good luck.
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    I think it sounds fantastic!
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    I think themes are much better when they are subtle.  Name your tables after classic movies.  Sure, have popcorn available as a snack.  Perhaps you can make centerpieces out of the plastic popcorn containers.  However, I would NOT have a movie playing.  Don't you want your guests to mingle and talk?  Having it play in the background will just be distracting. 

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    My Fiancée and I are doing that for our wedding...we've already got everything planned out for can be done without it being hokey.  Ours is just a subtle motif. 
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    I love that idea. Maybe during your cocktail hour, you can have miniature hot dogs passed around, as opposed to full-length ones during dinner. And for dessert, you can have "movie" candy and chocolate covered pretzels. Love the tables named after old movies.

    For favors, maybe bags of popcorn would be better instead of a popcorn machine during the reception. It's your choice though. And I think a movie playing in the background is cute -- but only if it's on mute, and it's an old, romantic b&w one.

    HTH! GL!
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    I think it could work if you have a nice, regular meal and beverages and the "movie food" available as snacks and part of the decor, etc.  But don't serve hot dogs as your meal...

    And I also think that having a movie playing in the background would be extremely distracting.  You could use the screen to play something quick - photo montage, etc.  But I wouldn't play an actual movie.
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    I think it sounds nice.  aerin (reg on the WP board if you want to page her) did some pretty neat STDs that would fit with your movie theme.  Here's her bio:
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    I think it could be really cute if you keep it subtle. I agree you should have a regular meal but having popcorn or hotdogs as snacks later in the evening would be fun. I think an old black and white movie playing in the background, on silent, and not until dancing starts would also be a nice touch.
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    I love the idea of having a movie playing in the background. You'd want it quiet or muted if you were going to have music but that sounds awesome to me. I'd go all out with this if it was my theme but we had a seagull theme for our wedding.
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    Thank you all so much! I am definately wanting to have the movie muted, and it be black and white so its not distracting like if we did avatar. lol. I also agree with the movie food not being the main course. My mom was saying that, and i was makin sure I wasnt the one being rediculouse. We are gonna do the movie candy in apothocary jars. and Popcorn as party favors.
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