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I'm having my wedding at the York Harbor Reading Room 9/24/11.  I would love to chat with some brides who have had their wedding their to talk flowers, flow, DJs, food, etc.  Anyone open to this?


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    So I have not had my wedding there but just booked June 30th, 2012.  We live in NYC but both of us have spent a lot of time in that area and when we saw this place we fell in love with it.  However, I did have to really rack my brain and photos on the web to really picture a wedding there since the venue is a non traditional set-up for a wedding.  I think I have some ideas though and would love to chat about the decisions you have made through your process and any difficulties you have encountered.  Also, did you use a third party planner?

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    No 3rd party planner.  Here is my email address:

    We can chat via email.

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