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entertaining guests with out a dj

So I have a delimia and need some advice.
We are having trouble debating between a dj and no dj (Ipod is out of the question). We have a small wedding planned (about 75 guests) many of our guests are family members, who likely won't dance to a dj. I hate to spend $500 but I odn't know how I will entertain my guests if we don't have one. One up side is that our ceremony is scheduled to be outdoors, however should it rain, i'm back to my main do i entertain my guests. As  of now we plan to do some outdoor games if the weathre permits and our site is allowing us to have a bonfire, but if it is mega windy or pouring rain, I'm not sure what to do. If anyone has any ideas or has been to a wedding that didn't have a dj and really enjoyed the quite, please let me know. I welcome all opinions!

Thank you in advance!
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