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Accent Color Ideas Needed

Hi everyone!

I'm looking for a good accent color (or two if they go together!) for my fall wedding. Main colors are gold and white/ivory. The venue has a lot of shades of gold, dark wood, crystal chandeliers, and the carpet is dark brown with a red and gold leaf pattern (we're using the pattern in gold for our invitations).

I'm looking for an interesting color or colors that I could use for bridesmaids' dresses and/or flowers and/or little accents anywhere.

Any ideas would be appreciated! :)
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Re: Accent Color Ideas Needed

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    The venue colors don't matter.  I can't begin to tell you the color of the walls/carpet/window treatments at my son's or DD's weddings. 

    The colors you've chosen are very, very neutral.  Gold and white/ivory means that any color....with perhaps the exception of silver works well as an accent color.
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    lcoreylcorey member
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    What about maroon, emerald, navy blue. Those all go well with gold and white/ivory. I personally like the maroon or burgundy and gold.
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    I like the maroon and burgundy idea. Perhaps eggplant or a very deep red?
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    trix is right- with a neutral and a metalic you can pretty much pick any color for an accent.  So you need to decide which way you want to go- warm or cool (with gold as one of your colors I would stay in a warm color, so reds, oranges, purples with a red undertone, etc.  If you are having trouble go to a paint store and grab color samples in your 2 known tones and play with others till you find one you like!
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    I like the navy, eggplant, or dark red options!

    I do disagree that venue colors don't matter. I can see where they might not in some settings, but I think sometimes it does. I visited my venue when they were setting up for a bright teal wedding and it just looked strange with all of the warm tones in the room.

    But either way, thanks everyone for your input! Now the fun part: imagining which color to use and how to incorporate it :)
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    I think teal and warm tones sounds fine...  Our dream kitchen is warm woods and cobalt accents.  There are honestly very few colors that DON'T go together.

    I think you're overestimating how much attention people will pay to your venue.  If anyone notices that the invitations match the pattern on the carpet, I'll personally buy you a drink.  Those aren't the sort of things that guests care about, except the ones planning their own weddings.
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    I had a November wedding and a similar venue and I did champagne, black and ivory and my linens were gold.  Drapes and chandeliers were gold and the carpet was gold and red.  The girls wore champagne dresses. 

    I also toyed with deep red or chocolate brown to go with the gold and ivory.  But the PP are right--go with the colors you love.  I just happened to love all these colors myself.

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    I thought about black, too, but I went to a university whose colors were black and gold, so I didn't want people to think I had insane school spirit or something. ;P But I bet it was pretty!

    I don't really have a color I've been wanting to use, just looking for some ideas of what would look good together.
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     I say the navy blue would be pretty or maybe a  deep purple?
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    gold, cream, and dark brown? gold, cream, any color would work... pink, dark purple...
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    Shay022Shay022 member
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    Eggplant or deep red sound beautiful with those colors.  But I might be partially baised because I am using light ivory and eggplant for my color scheme.
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    I don't mean to toot my own horn but I am kind of a color professional.
    My advice : dark red.
    Stay away from blue at all costs!! I think eggplant it too cool.  And if you have dark wood accents don't go too dark.  You could also think about a pumkin or burnt sienna color but think medium to medium dark gray and make sure you have a WARM color. Even oranges reds and purples can be more cool than warm. So no burgundy- its too cool.

    I agree on the black and gold thing being in CO and my HS colors were black and gold people think school spriit.
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