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movie theme centerpices

We are doing a movie theme and I am struggling with centerpiece Ideas. Our caterer is giving us any vases and things of that sort at NC and I have no idea with to do I have a couple of Ideas.  this is one I found online.

The caterer said she could get glow sticks to put in the middle to get it to glow like this.

We are also naming the tables after movies. and want to have a still or two from each movie. But other than that I'm at a loss. Any ideas?


Re: movie theme centerpices

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    Our table numbers are different movies in gold frames and instead of menu cards we are inserting 'movie cards' into the napkins. They list all of the movies and why we chose them.
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    I think it could be kindof fun to do different centerpieces for each movie...kindof an undertaking depending on how many movies you have and it might be hard to make all of the tables look cohesive... Maybe you could do a unifying element like the same kind of flowers in the same vase on each table and then add an element that would remind everyone of that movie.  For example, if you picked Forrest Gump, you could have a couple of accenting white flowers or chocolate truffles in decorative wrapping. :-)  Depending on how much time you have, I think it could end up being a lot of fun to do and fun for your guests.  You could encourage them to go around and see what each table has and mingle.
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    I'm getting married at a theater so I am doing each table as a genre (comedy, romance, tragedy, etc.) and the centerpieces are stacks of plays from those genres. I still haven't figured out exactly how I am arranging the plays but they will be surrounded by rose petals and tea lights. This might be expensive but you could possibly do the same thing with special edition movies that have the nice covers. 
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    i love your popcorn centerpiece!
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