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Help! Need advice / ideas for unique wedding venues.

My fiance and I are newly engaged and beginning the daunting search for a place to get married.  We're not neccessarily tied to any particular timing but are thinking spring 2012 at this point.  Our biggest challenge/concern is finding the right place that feels right.  We've seen many friends, peers and coworkers get married over the last few years and feel strongly we want something different.  We'd like to stay away from traditional catering halls and the more "wedding factory" type places but we're lost for ideas on where to begin looking.  We also love the idea of a semi "destination" -- someplace away where we can have all friends and family stay for a weekend but nothing exotic or too far. 

Does anyone have any ideas on non-astronomically priced places to look that hit these marks:

- Non-catering hall

- Unique setting / views (outdoors, barn, waterview, etc.)

- Potential onsite or nearby accomodations with a destination type feel -- place guests would like to go, enjoy nearby things to do

- Budget $150 - $175 per head

- Appx 125 - 145 guests

Places we have added to a list to check out but not yet seen:

- Sagamore (although im told this is out of our pricerange and could be extremely costly for guests -- someplace like this would be desirable)

- Pridwin on Shelter Island

- Oceansedge resort in Cape Cod

- Places in Stowe, VT

- Long island Vineyars

- Renting a house in the east end of LI and throwing the event there (although i have no idea where to begin this search)

Thank you in advance for all of your ideas!  I'm completely lost and clearly not cut out for this!

Re: Help! Need advice / ideas for unique wedding venues.

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    I would take this and post it on the local boards of the places you are thinking of getting married. This is an international board. I have no idea where any of those places are and couldn't give you a good recommendation if I tried.
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    You will probably get better ideas posting this to your local board, but here are some "non-traditional" wedding places:

    Bed n Breakfasts
    Historical Buildings/Sites

    You may have better luck looking outside of the city area.  I have only visited NYNY, but I know it is super expensive. 

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    What about a vineyard in the Finger Lakes region of NY? I'm getting married at Ventosa Vineyards. It's popular with NYC-area brides (like myself) and brides from even farther. They recently did a wedding for a couple from Japan. Ventosa (and many other vineyards in the area) are beautiful and often set right on one of the lakes.

    You  can read more about the area here:,_New_York/ It certainly has what you're looking for in terms of a destionation with lots to do.

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