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Tablecloths and napkin HELP

So my colors are navy with pink and white accents. My centerpieces are a mixture of pink roses lysianthus white and green hydrangeas and other greens. So my struggle is do I do white tablecloths with navy napkins and the chairs are white or do I do navy tablecloths with white napkins and white napkins?? Is it too much white? Will navy be too dark?? Flowers may look better with the white tablecloth?!?

Any help will be great!!!

Re: Tablecloths and napkin HELP

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    I would say white tablecloths with navy napkins.  Dark tablecloths can shrink a room and your flowers will still stand out against white tablecloths.
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    I also vote navy tablecloths. I think the pink flower arrangements would look gorgeous against them, and wouldn't pop nearly as much against white.
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    I think it depends on your venue.  If visual size is not a problem and you aren't trying to brighten the room then go for navy.  If it's the opposite go for white.  Either way, it will look nice.  Those flowers sound really pretty too!
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    Price it out first.  Either combination will be lovely. 
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    I am not a fan of colored table cloths. I would go with the white and let the napkins and centerpieces add the pops of color. Or you could also look at doing a table runner in navy so the table isn't too dark.
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    white table linens.... but maybe a navy fabric square under the centerpiece to help it 'pop'?
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