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Had everything planned or a general idea for everything our colors were red and yellow with sunflowers and roses simple but chic center pieces, but then went dress shopping and my dress is a Disney Princess Belle style, my family is huge on disney so as were buying the dress my mother and aunt suggest changing my bridesmaids to all have a different colored skirt (like each be a different princess) and then have the mother's in red and the two flower girls in yellow...and have each table have a main center piece with different items to represent a different princess at each and my cake table to be Belle with books and the whole gambit, which if done right could be pretty but I don't want my reception to look like a little girls princess party is the idea too corny? My fiance just says "its your wedding I'm not sure people will get it but it could be pretty..." I still have some time to debate all of this...suggestions?
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