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Little decorations with a BIG impact?

Our reception will be at two rooms in a restaurant.  They're very nice, but don't exactly say "celebration/wedding."  I would love to make the place look like a lighted forest -- candles, branches, greenery -- but I can't afford to deck out the rooms from head to toe in flowers, nor do I want to drown people in the decorations.  So I'm looking for ways to create a big impact with small things.

One thing that I've thought of is using small swivel spotlights to shine on a few manzita trees so that they reflect branch shadows on the walls, filling in the spaces with the illusion of trees where they aren't actually any.

Anybody else have similar ideas for making a room feel fully decorated with just a few striking items?

Re: Little decorations with a BIG impact?

  • You shoud out candles around wherever you can, also get white lights :)
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  • I had the same problem. Little budget, big room. I went with three foot round white balloons. They aren't for everyone, I know, but I LOVED them and they really filled up the room! The hotel actually asked where I got them so they can have them for future functions!
    Just make sure they are all above head height so they aren't in the way!

    Here was my inspiration pic:

  • I also love those paper lanterns that hang from the ceiling. Maybe you could get those and cover them in greenery or moss which is much cheaper then flowers. Also I love those big moss covered letters. Also for centerpieces you can use slices from trees as candle bases.
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  • You could do an archyway of those branches in the entrance - that would make a big impact and be the first things people see as they enter your reception room. 

    Maybe do a tall branch centerpiece on some of the tables, and then tons of candles everywhere. Uplighting definitely makes a big statement, even if it's just candle-light colored. Lights strung across the ceiling would be lovely :)
  • did you attach them to the floor or ceiling?   How? 

    Thanks! :) 
  • @sarahprendergast - Who are you talking to?  This thread is almost 2 years old....most of the people are probably gone.  If you have a question, feel free to start a new thread and I'm sure the ladies here will be able to help.

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