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Planning reception after destination wedding

Hi ladies!!! What kind of reception/celebration should we have one week after our destination wedding? My fiancé thinks I'm being too over the top because all he wants is this BIG party, while I'm thinking nicely decorated tables with these beautiful centerpieces and also would like to wear my wrdding dress. Please help ladies, I do not want people to think I'm doing too much when we are just celebrating our marriage! Thanks in advance!

Re: Planning reception after destination wedding

  • I agree with Duds.  It seems really pointless to even have a DW if what you really want is a 'traditional' wedding reception.  Either do a DW and just have a laid back party when you get home, or nix the DW plans and throw a traditional wedding locally.

    Also keep in mind, that if you are having a DW, only guests that are actually invited to your ceremony should be invited to an AHR, as it's a way to celebrate with the people who couldn't afford the expense of coming to your wedding, not those that you didn't want to invite to your wedding.
  • Hey. My fiance and I are getting married in Jamaica then having an at home reception. Our reception will be starting at 7..with dancing, then light food (buffet) served around 10...then more dancing. Along with speeches, pictures, "first dance" etc etc.
    I am hiring a decorater for the reception, bringing the "beach" theme back...table cloths, candles, up-lighting, centre pieces. My photog will be playing a slideshow of the wedding pictures on the wall aswell, for people to watch all night if they choose.  I will be wearing my wedding dress. There is a no jean rule aswell.
    So it will pretty much be a classy, huge celebration/party!
  • If you want a DW, then have that and just a party when you get back. If you want the bells and whistles of a traditional wedding, then have that. But you don't really get to have both. You'll have to decide what is most important to you and your FI. I would side-eye a bride who had a DW and then had an extremely elaborate, traditional wedding reception once home where she wore her gown, had a WP, did all the dances, etc. If that's what you want, then nix the DW and celebrate in that location on your HM instead.

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  • Although we are doing something a bit different, its similar.  I dont see anything wrong with a formal party when u get back.  As fancy or not as you'd like.  Id nix the first dance and the cake cutting.  But, if you want to wear your dress and toast the "newlyweds" or even have a religious ceremony type thing to "bless" your new marriage...I see no issue there.

    We will be having a small wedding ceremony of 35guests cuz that is waht we can afford right now.  At our 1 year we are going to have a BLOW OUT PARTAAAY!! at our home (that we should be buying at end of this year.  I dont plan on wearing a "wedding dress" But I'll def have a cute, short white or ivory dress on.  No veil, no garter.  I would do a fancy cake... but no cuting ceremy.  We may or may not have a song that we start off dancing alone to commereate our 1st year of marriage then have dj invite other married couples to join us.  As far as ceremony/vows  we may extend the invitation to all wedding couples to come up and renew their vows together.

    Its your thing.  I say just find middle ground.  People on here are going to (sometimes in very snarky ways ive seen) give u their raw uncut OPNIONS at days end... that is what it is.... their opinion.  further its some strangers opnion. 

    My BFF is how having her 10yr anniversary party....bridesmaids, wedding dress, renewal of vows, "first dance" or "solo dance" I guess it would be, wedding cake and all....shes 10yrs after the fact.  BUT, guess what I LOVE HER TO DEATH and if thats what she wants and how she wants it.  Im there !! I wont be cackling in a corner talking about what details of the event were appropriate and what ones were not.... I'll be there to celebrat my bestfriend and her continuing successful marriage... So should your guests
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  • I guess I just don't get it...why are some folks so adamant about no party after a DW or OOTW? Call it a party and not a reception and that's okay? And really, where is it written that you only "get one party?"  The brides who are having "hometown" weddings get to say DW brides can't have an AHR? Why can't a couple who had a small DW or OOTW have a celebration in their home town when they return? And you're all so sure about it. Keep in mind that there are people who would love to celebrate the marriage of a couple who chose to have a private ceremony. What's the harm?
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