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Tablescape without Silverware?! Ideas Please!!!!!

Our reception is going to be held in our country club's clubhouse and dining room.  We are having different stations around the room with several different meal options.  We don't want to have placecards with assigned seats etc, and a lot of the food will be things you don't need silverware with, so I'm not sure what to put on my tables!  I don't want to just have flowers and a tablecloth!  Can you lovely ladies think of some ideas for place settings that don't include chargers and silverware?  I would really really appreciate any tips!  Thanks :)

Re: Tablescape without Silverware?! Ideas Please!!!!!

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    We had just napkins and then when people came in, they had their glasses from the bar.  Pic in married bio.  It's fine, don't freak or overthink the little things.

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    You could put the favors on the tables, maybe?

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    Simple placemats, napkins, and favor at each place?  Maybe a coaster or cocktail napkin for drinks?

    I still like to know there are forks available, because sometimes finger foods are mor than a mouthful.
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    Thanks for the tips!  We're going for a "southern elegance" theme and we're having a big band that will be playing great dancing music.  All of the food options are going to be slightly upscale versions of southern classics--for example: instead of shrimp and grits, we're doing grilled shrimp on a polenta cake so that it doesn't require a fork and knife...etc. 

    Anyways, I'm just looking for something else to put on the table because I think it will just look so plain and boring with a table cloth and flowers! :)

    Thanks for the tips!

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