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Pizza Party Reception?

We want to do something different, and one of our FAVORITE things to do is watch football and eat pizza on Sundays. We are incorporating lots of football things into our wedding.  I was wondering, does anybody think having a pizza party recpetion is completely ridiculous? We are seriously considering doing this.  Our wedding is about everybody being together and having fun... and, I was thinking our invitations could read, "please join us for a pizza party (or surprise, random dinner), cocktails, and dancing immediately after ceremony!!

side note: everybody we are inviting is CLOSE FRIENDS AND FAMILY (approximately 100), we are having a Church wedding.

Thanks :)

Re: Pizza Party Reception?

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    It doesn't matter what everyone else thinks; it matters what you and your FI think.  Here's an example of a "pizza party" reception.
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  • I think its fine if that's the vibe you are going for.  If your wedding is really casual and low key then go for it.  I would probably give the side eye to a pizza party reception if you were expecting a very formal event, though.

    I'm not sure what you mean by "surprise random dinner." If you are serving pizza a beer tell everyone, don't make it a surprise.  This way everyone will know what type of event you are having so they can plan (especially attire) accordingly.
  • I think it sounds completely ridiculous in an amazingly delicious and fun way.  I would be perfectly content with lager and pizza in my dress clothes, but that might just be me.
  • i think its awesome!
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    My husband would love you.

    But I'm sure the older members of my family would not be too pleased. 

    I would have something else in addition to just pizza.

    What differentiates an average host and a great host is anticipating unexpressed needs and wants of their guests.  Just because the want/need is not expressed, doesn't mean it wouldn't be appreciated. 
  • Well it sounds yummy and if you are going for something less formal, go for it!  I kind of wish we could do something similar, but I suspect we would be the talk of the families for years to come. lol
  • I think it would be fine for a small, casual/informal, fun, and laid back reception.

    But 100 guests is not that small.  While I like pizza, some of us older folks don't handle pizza or certain other foods too well.  It would probably go over better if you have mostly a younger, more casual crowd.
    I would want to know in advance so I wouldn't bother to dress up too much, and know to take my stomach meds so I'm not up all night in pain.
  • Go for it! 

    My FI and I are not really "fancy food" type people, so we really wanted to have pizza at our reception too.  We're having our reception in a hotel ballroom, and when we brought up the pizza idea to the chef there, he LOVED it!  He was so excited not to have to make the same old thing.  So, we're having a pizza buffet with 5 or 6 different kinds of pizza, but we are also having 3 different kinds of pasta, 3 salads, some buns, and some veggies.  Maybe if you substituted the pizza with extra sides like that it would please everyone.  So far, everyone we've told about the menu loves it and seems really excited.

    We aren't planning on putting it on the invites cuz there'll definitely be something for everyone between the pizza, pastas and salads
  • I think serving pizza is fine for a casual reception.  I would NOT call it a pizza party on the invitation though, it just sounds childish like a kid's birthday party.  You don't have to specify the type of food you'll be serving on the invitation.
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  • THANKS FOR THE POSITIVE FEEDBACK! And, danieliza- I agree w/ the wording- I was thinking the same exact thing.

    I guess I am a little afraid to steer from the "norm"- but at the same time, I want to be very different!!

    You all made my morning- haha, I am 100% sure we are going to go through with it.

    Thanks again :)
  • any suggestions on how to word what's on the menu? And, is this something I should do in the invites?
  • You don't need to specify the menu on the invitations.  Just keep the invitations very casual, so people know that the wedding isn't formal.  If you're having a wedding website, that might be a good place to mention that pizza will be served.  You don't have to make a big deal about it, though.

    I would definitely offer something else along with the pizza.  I know several of my friends who can't eat pizza at all, so if that were all that were offered, they would be starving.  Perhaps pasta, a substantial salad (something with meat in it), or subs would be a good addition.
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  • You don't need to specify menu at all on the invitations.  I've never seen it done before.  Traditionally on the invitation you would just say "Reception immediately following" or "Dinner and dancing to follow" if you were having dancing as well. 
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  • I think it sounds like a fun idea, but I agree with those who said that having other foods (salads, pasta, sandwiches, breadsticks) in addition to the pizza would be wise. Maybe you could also have bar-type foods ... fries, buffalo wings, onion rings, cheese straws, mozzarella sticks, etc. Or use those for cocktail hour appetizers.  

    I agree with those who said to buy casual-looking invitations and mention the pizza on your wedding website (if you have one) in order to convey that it's a more casual reception. I also think that you could use word of mouth - get your parents to help - to tell guests that pizza and other things will be served.
  • i think thats a great idea! really good pizza would have been better than some of the overcooked filet mignon or bland chicken that I have had at weddings before. Consider a baked ziti or lasagna dish for the guests that don't like pizza, and round things out with some salads. I agree with PP's too, no need to say "pizza party" on the invitation.
  • I don't think the idea of serving pizza is bad but it all comes down to execution. You need to set a very casual tone but still keep in mind is a wedding reception so I wouldn't call it a pizza party. Also, unless you planned on "custom" ordering the pizza ahead of time and want to know what toppings everyone wants then that's the only reason I would even mention pizza on your invitations.

  • I might say something on the invitation like "casual dinner reception to follow" so guests know not to expect something fancy - especially since you're having a church wedding.

    I also agree that you should include pasta and salad.
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  • How about a pizza station. So that its a unique addition to the other elements of your reception.  Yoy could have a station set up with different kinds of pizza cut into mini squares to that its easy to pick up and eat.  This allows ppl who love pizza to partake but also allows ppl who are not that fond to pass it by.
  • you are every man's dream. hahaa... it's a great, fun idea. Have a wonderful wedding :)

    ps- You MUST have breadstick, cinnamon sticks & antopasto salad with it. Mmmm i'm about to head to the pizza buffet now, i'm so hungry lol
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  • LOL thanks lilcassers- HAHA... that was nice.  I have to stop thinking about it because I am constantly hungry for pizza now and I am trying to LOSE weight, haha!!
  • Sounds great!  You're brave to eat pizza while wearing a white dress!!
  • I love it (i actually toyed with the idea at first, went with apps/cocktail reception instead)

    and it is easy to fulfill the veggie option this way too.

  • I'm having a Phillies themed wedding, blue and red colors, and all the apps will be philadelphia/baseball related.  So happy to see someone doing something along those lines...I'm not so crazy after all.
  • lappy- I had a friend who did the same thing for their wedding!!  The groomsmen wore Phillies jersey's (or a team that they liked) and the bridesmaids wore red! They had a Phillies groom cake - it was pretty neat! :) So no, you are not crazy!! :):):)  HAVE FUN!
  • I love you!! I'm also doing a pizza reception!!!

    I think ours will still be casual, but maybe not as casual as you are describing yours to be.  I found a few different wood-fired pizza catering companies that cook the pizzas on site, and will probably have other things like pasta & salad & antipasto and wine.  

    One thing to keep in mind is that pizza has to be usually pretty hot to be good, so make sure its not like just a "drop-off" delivery thing.  

    Good luck!!
  • My daughter is thinking about a pizza party reception which works for both of them as they both have food allergies.  What are your thoughts on asking your guests for their favorite pizza  topping(s) on their reply cards?  
  • I almost went this route too! (Pizza and subs was the idea and it transformed into a pasta bar...) I would definitely like it but as PP mentioned, have additional options just in case. On my RSVP card, I had an option for people to mention any dietary concerns (as we had severe allergies, Celiac's, diabetics, vegetarians, etc among our guests.) You could always include a favorite topping option! What about a made to order kind of option- like, add toppings to a personal sized pie and have it popped in the oven the way you like it! I would be sooooo all over that (I don't eat cheese so being able to get a cheeseless pie is amazing!)
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